BASF’s innovations in automotive technology have sustainability at their core. Earning and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders via sustainable practices in every area of development not only enables us to extend our license to operate but to remain competitive well into the future.

Latest Sustainability Stories

  1. Milestones, Expansion and Innovation at BASF Huntsville Site

    November 17, 2017

    The automotive catalytic converter is arguably the most important pollution control device ever invented, removing more…

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  2. Powering Hybrid/Electric Vehicles with Materials that Matter

    September 11, 2017

    It is estimated that 5 to 8 percent of all vehicle production will be made up of pure electric, full hybrid or plug-in…

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  3. BASF Helps Automakers Create the New Car Smell of the Future: Odorless

    July 25, 2017

    It’s exhilarating to drive off the lot in a brand new vehicle, inhaling the distinctive new car smell. In fact, the…

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  4. BASF Brings Innovation to Global Lightweighting Demand

    April 18, 2017

    When it comes to mega trends driving today’s global auto industry, the advancements and materials that are helping…

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  5. BASF Coating Based Solutions Meet “Zero Evap” Standards

    November 9, 2016

    Across the globe, evaporative emissions are being regulated to reduce air pollution—with the end goal to drive fuel…

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  6. 9 Solutions BASF Offers to Help Automakers Meet CAFE Standards

    July 21, 2016

    Since 2012, U.S. automakers have kept a keen eye toward a milestone date thirteen years down the road. The U.S.…

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  7. Honeycomb Structure is the Bee’s-Knees for Automotive Lightweighting

    June 16, 2016

    The honeycomb design found in the insect world is making its way into the auto industry, beating out man-made blow…

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  8. 3 New Ways Advanced Composite Materials Are Light Weighting Today’s Cars

    April 6, 2016

    Advanced plastic parts show true promise in helping automakers meet their fuel economy goals. While total system…

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  9. Floating Over the Last Mile to Solve Short Commutes

    September 3, 2015

    Imagine taking the subway only to get off and have to walk to your bus stop, job or home. This is a daily occurrence,…

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  10. E-bike Concept Rides Into the Past to Prepare for the Future of Urban Mobility

    August 5, 2015

    If you had to design an electric bike, would you start from scratch or expand on existing prototypes? BASF’s…

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  11. China’s First All-Plastic Backrest and Seat Pan

    July 9, 2015

    A recent Automotive Seating Study from Johnson Controls found that a majority of consumers said driver comfort had the…

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  12. New Yorkers “Jam” to Imagine Urban Mobility Solutions

    June 23, 2015

    Have you ever wondered what 9 billion people in the world would look like? You may not have to wait all that long to…

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